About Us

I Love Coffee is a proudly South African social enterprise. We are both an artisan roasted coffee supplier and a force for positive change.

We recognise that our most vulnerable citizens are the nearly 2 million Deaf adults and children who lack the services, support and opportunities most of us take for granted.

Through sales of our delicious coffee, we give individual customers and companies alike the means to invest in the understanding, acceptance and integration of the Deaf community into our society and the economy.

And we do this in an empowering, sustainable and environmentally responsible way.

The corporate coffee shop reinvented

On the surface, an I Love Coffee shop looks and operates like any other in-house cafe. However, we’ve dissected the whole experience into steps and made each one - from ordering to receiving your beverage - as inviting as possible for you to engage with our Deaf staff, have fun and learn some sign language. You could say we’ve turned ordering a cappuccino into a form of coffee theatre.

Compostable pods. Having broken down communication barriers in our cafes, we set out to make a coffee pod that would break down in nature.

Our pods are 100% plastic free and 99.9% bio-degradable. Whether you prefer Smooth, Intense or Decaffeinated they’ll go to work in your Nespresso machine with no danger of polluting our seas or landfills.

Waste not, want not. Where other companies see waste, we spot opportunities to create jobs and generate an income. We prevent our used grounds from reaching landfill by repurposing them into a coffee body scrub. It smells great, feels good and helps reduce cellulite, eczema and unemployment. www.ilovecoffeeshop.co.za


Partnering for shared value. As a social enterprise with a non-profit arm, we look for ways to develop and strengthen meaningful relationships with partners that share the same philosophy and objective of contributing to a better South Africa.

We work with corporate donors and facilitate the flow of funding to establish more in-house cafes and grow our supply chain capabilities, allowing us to train and employ more Deaf people.

In return, I Love Coffee’s 100% Black owned, Level 1 B-BBEE entities contribute up to:

 5 Socio-Economic Development ;

 5 Enterprise Development;

 10 Skills Development scorecard points;

 135% procurement recognition to donors.




85% of all funding we receive and profits we generate is invested back into our organisation to ensure we become self-sufficient.

Let’s meet for a coffee

Saatchi & Saatchi Building, 16 Ebenezer Road, Greenpoint, Cape Town.

Weekdays 8am – 3pm

Gary on 082 575 1493 or gary@ilovecoffeeshop.co.za

Mike on 082 828 2226 or mike@ilovecoffeeshop.co.za

For trade enquiries please contact orders@ilovecoffeeshop.co.za