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I Love Coffee is proud to offer more than just a coffee shop service, we are excited to bring our story to you and serve your needs. See below for more information:

Mobile Cafe

Our mobile cafe means that we are able to get out and about and meet you where you are! We are excited to be "on the move" and suggest you follow our social media profiles and events calendar for where we will be next


We've been expanding our events side of the shop and are excited to offer event services to companies and markets alike. Our Events Package include our team, our coffee (of course) and options of pancakes and or "Coffee in a Cone".

To help you get a sense of how we break the costs down see our guide below:

 Item | Description
Basic setup fee R 1'000
Coffee (price per 50) R 1'200
Pancakes (price per 50) R 250
Coffee in a Cone (price per 50) R 1'750

* we work in multiples of 50 to make planning easy for all.

Well now that you know a little more about how we do things there is one question that remains:

"Would you like Love Coffee at your event, office, wedding or function?

To make our conversations easier we've included a form below that will help us know a little more about what you are hoping for. Please complete the form and we will contact you to discuss further. Alternatively you can contact us directly: (Contact Us).